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(Authorized Testimonials)

"Thanks for a job extremely well done in getting my DUI, negligent driving, and all 11 related charges dismissed prior to trial so I did not have to appear in court and also having my MVA hearing dismissed."~N.M.

"I was worried about my DUI charges from the day I was charged until the day you called several days prior to trial indicating all charges would be dismissed and I would not have to appear in court. Thanks again for suggesting I not accept the state's offer to plead guilty."~R.F.

"I selected Jack Hyatt because of his experience, knowledge and reputation. He thoroughly investigated my case, detected technical mistakes made during my arrest and had my DUI and all other charges completely dismissed at trial. If you are charged with DUI or any traffic charge, he is the lawyer you need to call." ~~R.S.

"Thanks again for your aggressive representation in getting my MVA hearing dismissed and saving my license. I am so glad I switched lawyers." ~~F.F.

"I was extremely worried about my pending DUI charges due to two prior DUI convictions. Your aggressive representation was excellent in getting all DUI charges dismissed prior to trial. You seemed much more knowledgeable than my two prior attorneys and were always available to answer my questions." ~~T.D.

Dear Jack,
I was scared to death when I was referred to you for my recent radar and dui violations as I was on probation for a prior dui because my prior lawyer had me plead guilty. I was still scared even after you reviewed my case and indicated you felt there was a good chance you could get the case dismissed due to the technical mistakes made when I was stopped. I could not believe it until I actually heard the dismissal read into the court record. I will never drink and drive again, but if I know of anyone that is charged, your the man. Thanks again.

Howard B.

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